It is official; Ali and I have signed the paperwork and are the proud new owners of Milestone! We are incredibly excited about the future of Milestone and want to thank all of the loyal members and golfers who offered overwhelming support and enthusiasm for Ali and I. You are in large part what makes Milestone unique – and we look forward to providing you with a great experience moving forward!

As part of our plan, we will be providing updates on the changes we are making as we move forward as often as we can on the website. As many of you know there is a great deal of work to be done immediately with plenty more to come within the first few years both on and off the course. Below are a few of the many projects we are working on. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts, ideas, would like some additional information or are interested in getting your hands dirty.

Milestone Goes Organic

We have contracted with two companies to move the course to 100% organic products on the greens, surrounds, tee boxes and eventually the fairways. Our fungicides, herbicides and a compost tea are on the way and have also been selected as a test site for a complete organic fertilizer company. This is great news for staff, wildlife and golfers as there will be no danger, even immediately after spraying. Additionally, because the products primary mode of action is preventative while enhancing soil health, this means stronger, healthier turf in the long run. We will also be changing cultivation protocols to further enhance playability, particularly on the greens and surrounds (more on that during the spring). No system is perfect, but we will learn as we go and always ensure playing conditions are up to par (ugh…apologies). 

The Pro-Shop is Coming

Among many changes in the clubhouse is the addition of a stocked pro-shop. We will have variety of Milestone logoed gear from a variety of suppliers. All the usual items will be there as well (tees, balls, divot tools etc.). While we won’t have clubs for sale to start, we are  exploring options for year #2. We will provide additional updates on the clubhouse in the coming months; there are too many to list. Anything you would like to see? Drop us a note and we will try to accommodate!


Yes, we will have new scorecards next spring. We are working with our distributor on the design and layout as we speak – and are excited! We are offering limited sponsorship spots on the cards; we do still have a few spots left if you or someone you know may be interested. They won’t last long, so send a quick email and we can provide additional information.

Milestone Branding

No, Milestone will never change its character and accessibility for any and all golfers, we just want to dress her up a bit for the party. The new logo is nearly finalized and a new website is in the works. In the meantime, we have made some minor changes to the existing site. Also, a proprietary app/handicap system is being built. Where might you see the new logo? On apparel, pint glasses, coasters, tee box markers and course signs to name a few. Without spoiling the surprise, yes, course signage is coming in the spring!

A big thank you to Bryan and Bert of Vermont Slate Source and Newmont Slate for their help on the clubhouse AND the signage. They do great work and we are looking forward to seeing the finished products!

We would also to thank all of you who have offered overwhelming support and enthusiasm for Ali and I. The loyal golfers and members are what make Milestone unique – and we look forward to providing you with a great experience moving forward!

The 2018 Membership rates are up on the website. If you are interested in purchasing, Ali and I will be arriving back at the course from NC around the 19th of December. If you need a membership as a gift for Christmas, please contact us directly and we will make it happen. We also have new gift cards available for any dollar amount.

That’s all for now – if you think there is anyone else who may be interested in more information on Milestone, feel free to direct them to the website to sign-up or have them contact us directly. 

All the best-

Brad Mitchell & Ali Serrani …..and Cora/Casper

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

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