It’s been a busy month at Milestone! I know everybody is chomping at the bit to get out and play – we want to make certain the turf is ready. And good news….it is! Over the last week we have rolled greens several times and gave them their first haircut of the season – now they are glowing a beautiful spring green! We also put down some stripes on the fairways and tees in anticipation of opening day….which COULD be this weekend (depending on the weather). Be sure to follow us on Facebook for updates. Now on to the projects update.



#4 Tee box relief

We removed several trees by the back tee box on #4 to allow for more light and airflow – i.e. healthier turf. The big nasty pine tree has become a piece of art courtesy of Levi of If you haven’t seen the start of the project posted on Facebook, check it out here.


The aforementioned pine also provided us with the lumber for a new bridge across the creek on #3. It took a fair amount of chainsaw milling but we pulled some solid slabs out and wrestled it into place.


Horticultural ‘team’ update 

After firing up our new sodcutter, we carved out a new area by #3 white tees and planted some bareroot hydrangea that overwintered nicely in a mulch pile. We also spent  some time clearing the area out around #1 trees and planting more hydrandea and few other treats. And finally we transplanted 10 honeysuckle to create a hedgerow behind #1 which will provide a barrier from the right of way and also (hopefully) knock balls down if they are overhit…by 30 yards.


As we moved forward with the new kitchen and full time menu, we also are working hard prepping the garden. We started the process of building raised beds, moving compost, and amending the soil with sand for certain tasty bits. Looking forward to grocery shopping in the garden this year! Ali has a ton of flowers and veggies started so they will be ready when planting season is here and Freddie and I propagated 10 willows to be strategically placed in the wetter non-playable areas.


And all the other stuff….

The progress on revamping hole #1 continues. We lowered the outlet pipe in the pond, which was not at an acceptable level, to reduce the water level and subsequently help with drainage. It has already made a big difference. The last step is to run about 150 ft of ADS pipe through the traditionally wet area. Once that is complete it will be time to move the bridge and cart path – stay tuned.


#8 cart path received a facelift to encourage drainage while also making the ride down a bit safer and smoother. Yes, we know some of the cart paths need attention. Fear not, they are on the list. Most require some serious renovation so be patient – we will keep working at it!


The new front tee box on #6 is complete. We coupled that project with a grass bunker renovation on #5. We reshaped the area between the two left side bunkers, removing a fair amount of material in the process. That material was used to build the box. Simple process…cut sod, remove sod, shape, level, fertilize, replace sod, tamp, roll, done.


Plenty of other smallish projects, but the last major completion was the new divot repair boxes. A big thank you to Roy and Justin Greene of R E Greene and Sons for getting us over the finish line by building and attaching the covers. Stop by their Facebook page and check out the house they recently completed in Bolton Landing – pretty awesome.


That’s all for now folks…..the countdown is on.

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

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