I know, I know. It has always been my intention to keep our blog going on a regular basis – I have failed. However, it is a new season and this year (I promise) I will post on a weekly basis to keep everyone updated on course conditions, projects and more. So, let’s get started!

It has been a strange winter….and spring…and winter again. After some unseasonably gorgeous weather, 21 inches of the white stuff was certainly unwelcome (but not unexpected for this time of year). But fear not – a return to warmer weather is on the way as the sun creeps higher in the sky. Stay tuned for spring 2024 part 2…

As always, we kept ourselves busy over the winter. First and foremost, during the winter we give our equipment some much earned TLC. This year we had a few larger projects along with general maintenance. Our Jacobsen 3400 fairway unit had a new engine popped in – we are replacing piston rings in the one we removed and holding on to it for use down the road. One of our Toro greens mowers also had a new engine installed and the Daihatsu hauler had rear axle work completed last week (at long last).  One of our Cushman Trucksters also had a new rear differential installed.

All the greens and fairway reels were stripped down, spun on our Bernhard grinder and the bedknives resurfaced – everything is sharp – sharpety – sharp and ready to roll. And of course, there are always hydraulic hoses and cylinders to repair, tires to replace and random electrical gremlins to sort out.

Sharpety-sharp reel for the Toro 3150 greens mower.

New barrels and JRM bedknives for the Toro 5410 fairway unit

On the course we are just about through our spring priority project list. After closing last week due to weather, we started work on an extended tee box on #7. We built a retaining wall and hauled in material to build the base of the box. Next up, more leveling, and then applying a rootzone mix of sand and high-test compost. We have yet to decide if we are going to seed in with a special shade mix or pull from the bentgrass nursery. Either way, we anticipate the new section being usable by sometime in June. As a part of the process, we also did a significant amount of clearing and grading heading to the teebox from #6. It should solve the cart path issues and will be planted with a fescue mix. Next up, re-grading the rest of the cart path and hauling material. Should be a much smoother ride when we are done!

View from the cart path on #7 looking up at the tee complex

The two other bigger projects are redecking the bridges from #3-4 and #6-7. Once the lumber arrives, we will make short work of it. The new bridges will be 10 feet wide and include rails!

We do have several other season long projects to get to….but I won’t spoil the surprise just yet! What I can tell you is that we will be undertaking a lot of cart path work. Bear with us – it takes time to re-do what wasn’t really done ideally to start with. But I promise we will get there.

That’s all for now. I have had a lot of folks ask about our equipment fleet – so next week I’ll give everyone an intro to each piece and what they do to help us keep the course tuned up.


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Until next time….keep those wedges sharp….

Thank you for your continued support! We look forward to seeing you in 2022.

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